German Charum-Sanchez

Industrial Designer / MDES In Design for-Health / Specialist in Product Design & Development

Fast Breakfast Packaging ©

The main objective was to create friendly and functional packaging to improve its consumption and maintain freshness and quality. Besides, the owner wanted to increase the recognition and positioning of the brand.

Design By: GermanCharum /2018

Project owner: Jamoneria Suiza S.A.S , Colombia 

Totumo Lights ©

The lights arise from the idea of ​​giving value to what seems lost, finding a path from the ancient to the contemporary. The fruit of the Totumo tree is generally discarded or lost between the fields. Natural Light seeks to create beautiful things with the material, the craftsman's work and the play of light and shadow in the space. The design aims to explore the best materials without leaving behind the essence and the possibility of continuing in time and memory. Finally, each of the pieces constitutes a unique and different visual story. Designed by: German Charum-Sanchez / Jairo Galindo Cuervo

Cone Lights©

The cone lights are an exploration with intensity, material and space. The main goal is to create a simple way to feel comfortable and welcomed through the light.

Tacho's Desk

This beautiful Desk is created with maximum space utilization in mind. Tacho's Desk has two work fronts and can be used simultaneously with two laptops.

BeefBox ©

This project was a concept to create more efficient and recyclable packaging. BeefBox seeks to be more helpful, practical and safe for sellers and consumers.

The Bug Table ©

This 'animated' table was created as a complement to Maze Bookshelf. The BugTable seeks to be friendly, different and dynamic in a static and continuous space.

Module Concept/Work Office Station

In this conceptual project, the central nucleus was to use the rotational moulding industry surplus to create new, versatile, interchangeable and repositionable products for a long time.

Tasca Madrid Brand & concept /Bogota

In this project, I was looking for how to express the essence of Spanish culture, especially the Identity of Madrid. The name Tasca Madrid led me to think of the entrance and with it the famous Puerta de Alcalá, from which I take the contours to create a memorable and recognizable image. The image is used to create the menu, chandeliers, signs and branding. 


Brand /Image


Easy Breezy ©

Easy Breezy is an insole that has been designed with the safety of children and the comfort of caregivers in mind when cutting nails. Nail cutting is an activity that demands care and attention; Easy Breezy is an excellent help to keep the toes in the correct position in a suitable, comfortable and safe position.

Design By: German Charum/ 2021

Graphic Design: Gustavo Viana 

Two sides function

Commercial Presentation

Final Prototype