"Maze BookShelf" © Facatativa,Colombia.

Facatativá's public library had a high degree of abandonment and minimal daily users. The main intervention goal was to increase users' flow through a different experience from interacting with the furniture, generating autonomy, appropriation, and permanence. The design is based on asymmetry, horizontal displacement, visual movement and non-Euclidean geometry. We seek to create new perceptions and experiences of use and permanence from the modules' rotation and visual dynamic. As a result, the library went from having short visits to significantly higher and more extended periods of stay and consultation.

Design by: German Charum-Sanchez / Jairo Leal Palacio

Tourism Information Center

This project contains an interesting cultural load. The information center seeks to exalt the indigenous roots of the region and highlight the value and cultural legacy of the first tribes that inhabited these lands before the Europeans' arrival.

Rehabilitation & High Performance Center

In this spatial intervention, we seek to give more visual meaning through the composition of colours and shapes. Also, with translucent partitions and wide corridors, we seek comfort and confidence in patients in their recovery process or training programs.

The Coffe Place Concept

This project was a concept proposal to create a brand and visualize the possibilities of intervention in leisure centers with new virtual interfaces.