German Charum-Sanchez

Industrial Designer / MDES In Design for-Health / Specialist in Product Design & Development

Social design is the maximum expression of creativity based on the well-being of communities. If the reason for the design is to improve people's quality of life; then, the social design must become its fundamental objective

Mr Feel Project. ©

These cute characters have been created to help children with cancer or terminal illnesses to express their feelings and emotions. It is staging from Design for Health in search of adequate communication, meaning, understanding and transcendence from the perspective of the reality of children in their language. The project seeks to recognize the actual dimension of the patients' feelings, their understanding of the situation and the possible processes of help and support from doctors, treating therapists and the family.
Client: Acompañarte Corporation




Mr Feel / Design by : German Charum

Concept sketches


Design by : Germán Charum


Elderly Fall Prevention

Supporting resident/patient participation in long-term care and hospitals is important for recovery and quality of life. Greater partipation can lead to higher levels of physical activity and active behaviours, wich are important for falls risk prevention. Based on the Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change, we believe that when senior adults develope new behaviours, they will feel more confident, and will seek out opportunities for engagement.

Supporting Participation in Activities of Daily living/ Providence Healthcare, Toronto, Canada.

Design by: German Charum/ Pearl Hung/Amanda McCusker

Healthy Food Kit ©

Healthy Food Kit intends as a low-cost, interactive publication through public libraries, food stores, walking clinics or family doctors' offices. The Healthy Food Kit gathers valuable health information and mainly to acquire good eating habits that avoid severe overweight problems, heart, diabetes or hypertension. One of the existing problems is to get the information to both diagnosed and potential patients appropriately. The system works with hyper-reality applications linking videos, conferences or tips from different existing virtual pages in a folding "flayer." It works with Android and IOS operating systems. HP REVEAL APP was used in the prototype creation.

Concept Propposal

The healthy food kit is a easy manner to achieve goals in information delivery . This kit y useful to impact at vulnerable population with critical illness or food deficiencies with affordable information and tips to dayly life.

Healthy Food Kit

User experience

The healthy food kit concept can be used in differents ways. Actually it is useful to create campaigns about heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, overweight etc or vaccinations processand colateral effects. Their manufacturing is cheaper and users and patients can keep the information and use it when they needed

The Healthy Food Kit is designed to transfer important and relevant information through an interactive and dynamic product. The kit is a proposal developed in conjunction with the Toronto Public Library, C-Change and graduate students from OCAD University's MDES Design for Health. The Healthy Food Kit currently is under evaluation and development. Designed by: Courtney Chapman, German Charum, Christine Harris, Pearl Hung, Sylvia Szkudiarek and Yordanos Woldemarian

Chronic Pain Anxiety Relief System © Concept Proposal

The project’s core is to provide tools to help chronic pain patients manage pain through other non-pharmacological possibilities or to work in parallel with other treatments and fields of action to decrease the use of pills and their side effects. Promote "creation" process and complex thinking; The project seeks that through nonfigurative elements (geometric shapes, colours, sizes, etc.), patients can express their mental state or feelings and, in turn, can make sense of creation. Diverting the attention of the chronic pain patient from his illness to reduce negative feelings, and in turn, being able to "make art" creates new dimensions of self-recognition and improves self-esteem

Concept / Process Video Demo.©

Respiro Digital System©

Respiro is an integrated Digital system concept to helps patients manage their chronic respiratory health disease.

By German Charum, Christine Harris,Kummy Saliu & Maryam Mallakim

Inhalator Control System

Performance appraisal App

Unified Information System

Inhalator concept exploration

Inhalator concept 1

Cervical Cancer Detection System ©

The designed System is to provide support to the health workers during cervical cancer screening . The system can be used in hospitals, small clinics, and no governmental organization in conflict zones.

Basically, the system seeks to enhance smart phones by adding a series of accessories that complement the use of existing apps for cervical test.



This project is part of Tomisin Aina's PhD thesis in Electrical  and Electronics  Engineering from Nile University of Nigeria.

Design by : German Charum  


Anxiety Control Set ©

Design and development of a customizable anxiety control set that integrates the five basic senses. In this way,users can find a ways to achieve a degree of anxiety control by reducing the consequences that this type of feelings and fears produce in patients.

Design By : German Charum

Project owner:Dr. Nikola Grujich PHD 

Users can change and adapt the tastes, smells, textures and sounds to their needs. Textures in the form of stickers can be added to increase the sensory experience. Prototype 1.

Prototyping Process

The set consists of three units. The first is of sound, the second of smell and the last of flavor. It can be customizable. Prototype 2

The final prototype is composed of thin and predictable lines, very continuous that generates visual stability. The internal modules have been designed more agile and with fewer components to make the content something very special.

Modeling 3D

The modular composition makes the system more efficient while allowing it to be organized at the discretion of the patient. All components are friendly to the environment and seek to have a minimal impact on their consumption and production process.