German Charum-Sanchez

Industrial Designer / MDES In Design for-Health / Specialist in Product Design & Development

Design Thinking for Health - FOUNDAMENTALS

Three elements guide the way of Design for Heath practices:

- The first one is a systematic thinking that allows to visualize the pertinent scenarios to each intervention.

- The second one is complex and creative thinking that developed new discourses that are evidenced in stories, experiences, products, and services that help to build a well- being culture.

-Finally and most importantly, it is a design that clearly focused on human beings and experience, which implies a high degree of sensitivity, attention and empathy.

Conceptual scheme and approach to the management of chronic pain.

The project seeks to establish parallel or complementary processes for the management and control of chronic pain. The main idea is to control pain better and to be able to maintain or decrease the use of painkillers and antidepressants.

Module concept for the Anxiety Control Set