Products & Services

Industrial-Digital-Social innovation

Design for Health

Design for health seeks to impact the concept of health from medical products, services and systems to sectoral policies. Health requires constant review and development in all areas to adjust and respond to each moment's demands, each organization's capabilities and environment.

Product Design

I working from the initial concept to the final prototype. In this all process I define the design criteria and requirements until the final shape. I assume the importance that future scenarios through prospective thinking.

Experience Design

Creating an experience in products, services, or systems is one of the most important things to consider. A good experience remains in the user's mind when they find satisfaction and are comfortable with the results. The experience results from different concepts that work to achieve the total satisfaction of the users or patients. My job is to make these good experiences part of each project.


Innovation requires a different way of thinking. I firmly believe that innovation is seeing what everyone sees to know how to do what not everyone does. Therefore, in the innovation process, I seek to create different application scenarios and the real possibilities of development, production and implementation, enhancing the available resources.

Product Develop

Product development requires special attention to detail, production and technological capabilities. In this process, the aim is to leave the product ready for its first series of production and testing.

Design Research

Design research is the way to understand the next steps and future scenarios for products, systems, and services. Understanding these changes and trends is an excellent advantage in a world with constant movement.

Through design research, we can find Consumer scenarios, Consumer experience, Resources to connect, System synergy, Product and plans.

Service Design

The design of services is an area that grows rapidly and demands constant evolution. The service experience is an added value that positions organizations to improve the quality of services, reduce costs, and generate satisfaction in patients, users, or consumers.




Let me show you how design can change the world.